Established in 2014, the 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas was founded on the philosophy of perpetuating the "Aloha Spirit" amongst the diverse communities we live and serve. Our Members and Supporters remain intimately committed to reinvesting and educating others; through  community organizations and community events. 

The meaning of "Aloha":

The Most Beautiful Word in the Hawaiian Language!
"A" is for Aloha", meaning greetings and welcome with love. 
" L" is for Launa" means friendly...a feeling from the heart. 
" O" is for 'Ololi", meaning pleasure...of being helpful and kind. 
" H" is for "hauoli", meaning happy...the happiness of sharing. 
" A " is for "Akahi", meaning giving and serving. 

"Alo" - meaning "before the divine creator"
       "Ha" - meaning "breath of life"